The Curious Case of the Missing Coat

Kara styling her lost coat It has style, it has grace — but best of all, it's found its place

While most of the summer was reasonably warm, on occasion the cold nights would hit. It was one of these nights that Kara Zwieg donned her dark blue coat with the oversized popped collar and stylish white stripes. That was the last time Zwieg would see her beloved jacket, or so she thought.

It wasn't until some time later on another brisk summer night that Kara began looking for the jacket. And looking. And looking. In the closet, on her floors, in her office. But however much she searched, she couldn't find it. While disheartening, the world went on and the days warmed. It wasn't until fall hit that destiny played its hand.

"I was getting a haircut," says Zwieg. "Not my first haircut since losing the jacket either. I'd been there probably once a month, so two or three times since I lost it." It was then that her eyes wandered the room, landing on a curiously familiar sight.

"I asked the stylist if that was her jacket. After all, it's not unusual to see someone else with your jacket." When the stylist responded no, she knew that it had to be fate that brought her here. Sure enough, it was her jacket that had been sitting around the salon for months waiting for Zwieg to notice its presence.

Earlier this week, when the weather turned cold and rainy, Zwieg once again donned her jacket. Both clothing and wearer are happy to be reunited and rocking their work week in style.