Course Withdrawals

You may withdraw from courses freely through the end of the eighth week of classes. The deadlines for late cancellations are printed in the semester Class Schedule and can be found through One Stop under the Registration Forms heading.

  • If the withdrawal is made during the first two weeks of class, no record of the course(s) will appear on your transcript.

  • Any cancellation after the second week will be reported as a "W" on the transcript. Instructor signatures are not required for cancellation from weeks one through ten.

  • After the tenth week of classes, the Student Scholastic Standing Committee may permit cancellations for the current semester but only upon petition. Any petition requires the signature of the course instructor and the student's adviser. Instructors can choose not to sign the petition if in their opinion the student's reason for withdrawing is not appropriate. Petitions for late withdrawals are rarely approved unless the student can document that circumstances beyond their control interfered with the course completion. Such circumstances might include illness and/or hospitalization, a death in the family, or military service for reservists or National Guard members.

Course Withdrawals

One Time Drop Policy allows any student enrolled at the University of Minnesota to drop a class "no questions asked" once during their academic career at the University. The drop must be requested by the last day of classroom instruction for the semester. Once a student has requested a one-time drop, a tracking flag is placed on the student record so that the student may not exercise this option again. Students should stop by the CFANS Student Services Office in 190 Coffey Hall to fill out the One Time Drop form.

Retroactive Withdrawal
Occasionally, students will petition the Student Scholastic Standing Committee for retroactive cancellation of a course or courses well after the semester in question has ended. Before such petitions are acted upon, the course instructor(s) will be asked to verify whether the student completed the courses in question. No cancellation will be allowed if you have completed the course(s).

Retroactive cancellations require documented evidence by an uninterested third party that verifies that you were not able to complete your coursework because of illness, family emergency or some other unanticipated event. Your are held responsible for all courses not officially canceled.

Students can find forms for course withdrawals by visiting the CFANS Advising Center/ One Stop suite in 130 Coffey Hall, or online on the One Stop forms online web page under the Registration Forms heading.