Tell your story about climate change

What does climate change mean to you? Share your story in the Climate Chaser.  This mobile trailer that is run by Backyard Phenology, a collaboration of artists, CFANS faculty and students, and engaged citizens who are working to understand how places and their seasonal cycles are affected by our changing climate.

Phenology is the study of seasonal change and the life cycles of plants and animals that coincide with these changes. By monitoring plants and animals, noting when the first buds appear, when the first flowers appear, when animals are migrating or waking up from hibernation, observers can figure out how seasonal patterns are changing.

Backyard Phenology’s Climate Chaser will be set up at the State Fair Eco Experience building to record people's observations and perceptions about our changing climate as well as a place to share their theories of change. These audio recordings will be curated and exhibited in multiple forms including sound collages and a podcast. Phenology “Passports” will be issued and will contain the schedule of monthly phenology workshops in the Twin Cities.

Everyday phenologists can enter their data into a collective website, meet other backyard phenologists at events, and get their passports stamped. Find out more about the Climate Chaser and Backyard Phenology’s upcoming events at