Bat research offers forest managers critical data

As we head from spring into summer, forest managers are drilling deeper into their management plans and likely will be considering recent bat research reported by the Natural Resources Research Institute (NRRI). A report based on data collected last summer by several researchers at the Cloquet Forestry Center offers insights about bat species and where they roost. The data is critical to learning how to manage forests during the crucial summer period for young bats. "With the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service listing the northern long-eared bat as threatened in Minnesota, research such as this is crucial to our understanding of the basic biology of the species and how to manage our forests in its presence," says Cloquet Forestry Center/Hubachek Wilderness Research Center Interim Director of Operations Andrew David. "This is an example of what the Cloquet Forestry Center does best--cooperation with researchers to provide opportunities for discovery."

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