August 2014 Trivia Answer & Winners

Doug Tiffany ('74, '77), Stacey Noble ('11), Megan Vimont ('06), Roger Chamberlain ('74), and James Kruize ('94) were the first five people to correctly answer the question!

Congratulations to Stacey Noble, whose name was randomly selected from the pool of correct answers to win this month's trivia prize!

August trivia question:
CFANS faculty members Marla Spivak and Vera Krischik have been in the news for their research on bees and threats to bee populations. The US Department of Agriculture recently reported that honey bees add what value to agricultural crops each year?

a) $1 billion
b) $5 billion
c) $15 billion
d) $50 billion

c) $15 billion

Plans for a "Pollinator Health Task Force" were announced by the Obama administration last June out of concern that declining bee populations could have a detrimental affect on agriculture and the economy.