August 2016 Trivia Answers & Winners

Jodi Nelson '91, Doug Keran '65, Katherine Shapinsky '78, and Dennis Thompson '98 were the first five people to correctly answer the question!

Congratulations to Diann Crane '94, whose name was randomly selected from the pool of correct answers to win this month's trivia prize!

August Trivia Question:

Francesca Cuthbert, professor in the Department of Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology, has been working to increase the population of what Great Lakes bird? According to a recent bird study, the population is up from 12 to more than 70 pairs since 1985.

a) Piping Plover
b) Canadian Goose
c) Least Bittern
d) Green Heron

Answer: Piping Plover!

In Cuthbert's July 10 article in the Star Tribune, entitled, "Rebound of Great Lake plovers a sign that Endangered Species Act works", she writes:

"For those of us working for decades to help these once nearly extinct birds recover, it's exciting times here up north, with five pairs spotted on Lake Ontario, two pairs in Illinois and a pair at a new site in Wisconsin.

That may not seem like much to celebrate. But when a species is nearly wiped off the face of the earth, recovery is no easy process. By the time the Great Lakes piping plover was protected in 1986 it was almost functionally extinct, with as few as only a dozen pairs remaining at half a dozen sites.

And, yet, thanks to the powerful conservation tools provided by the Endangered Species Act and the work of countless dedicated people, plovers are steadily recovering."

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