Professor David Baumler, the red-hot chili pepper expert

David Baumler, professor of molecular food safety microbiology, was recently featured in the StarTribune as an expert in chili peppers and foodborne pathogens and for winning a $40,000 piece of equipment for his lab because of this YouTube video submission

Professor Baumler was hired by the U in 2014 to study molecular food safety microbiology, and his research interests have ranged from turkeys to bubonic plague bacteria to chili peppers. 43 year old Baumler has brought about 500 varieties of chili peppers to the campus. While the rest of Minnesota may be bashful about spicy food, Baumler certainly isn’t! He tests rare and exotic peppers to see if they can be nutritious without being super-hot, as well as analyzing how antimicrobial properties of chili peppers might be used to combat food-borne pathogens.

Baumler’s musical gifts with the ukelele and enthusiasm for his research led him to create a music video that won a contest sponsored by Roche Life Sciences to win a LightCycler 96 - a piece of test equipment.  Baumler says, “I only wish all grants were a musical video entry.”

Read the full article here.

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