Spring 2017 Ag Ed teaching candidates head out to schools

The spring 2017 Agricultural Education teaching candidates have headed out to the schools where they will be student teaching throughout the semester.

"Completing my student teaching internship has really challenged me to push to learn and grow in ways I didn't even think possible. This semester has been filled with so many opportunities for growth and I am very thankful for all of the individuals who have provided me guidance and encouragement along the way." -Emily Trout

  • Traci Block-Watertown-Mayer with Jim Kocherer
  • Tyson Cooley: South Central Ag Science Academy (St. Peter) with Gena Lilienthal
  • Matt Frenchick: Alden-Conger with Pam Koenen
  • Michaela Gallup: Upsala with Gretchen Schleper
  • James Gerary: Humboldt with T.J. Austin, Andrea Nthole, and Brad Novacheck
  • Katie Klar: Glencoe-Silver Lake with Becky Haddad
  • Kevin Lamont: Martin County West with Jeremy Daberkow, Jessica Daberkow, and Stephanie Wohlhuter
  • Samathan Norden: Foley with Al Stemper
  • Patric Pehrson: USC with Dan Dylla
  • Emily Trout: Staples-Motley with Kerry Lindgren

We wish them the best of luck this semester!