Siehl Prize update

After more than 20 years of celebrating the impact of Eldon Siehl's legacy with the Siehl Prize for Excellence in Agriculture, it’s time to increase its role and purpose. To accomplish this ambitious goal, the annual May celebration will not be held and instead, we ask you to share your thoughts and ideas at this link.

Thirty-seven individuals and businesses have been recognized for exceptional leaderships and accomplishments in agriculture with the Siehl Prize since it was first awarded in 1994. The Siehl Prize Laureates are a distinguished group who have improved the livelihoods of their Minnesota neighbors while creating a better life for people all across the globe.

Eldon Siehl believed it was important to educate people about where their food comes from and put a face on agricultural achievements. We look forward to taking this prize to the next level and expanding its great legacy and tradition.