Plant Pathology develops educational videos on plant diseases

Blanchette Lab and Heterobasidion Root Disease

Heterobasidion irreugulare or Heterobasidion root disease (HRD) is an invasive fungal root rot disease that is a serious threat to red and white pine trees as well as other conifers. This disease occurs in other parts of the United States and is considered one of the most economically important diseases of pines in the Northern hemisphere. This disease was discovered in Minnesota for the first time in late 2014. It has been present in Wisconsin for some time and has spread quickly throughout the years in Wisconsin. Learn more about the disease and how to identify this pathogen.

The Blanchette Lab has created educational videos about this disease, its impact, and how to prevent and manage it in pine plantations. This first video includes forest pathologist Ben Held discussing background information about the disease and how to identify the pathogen.

This video can be watched here.

Funding for Heterobasidion research is being provided by the Minnesota Environmental and Natural Resources Trust Fund. This video was collaboratively created with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.


Plant Path student creates Hop Powdery mildew Educational Video

Josh Havill, M.S. student for the Department of Plant Pathology at the University of Minnesota provides background information about hop powdery mildew and ways to manage/prevent hop powdery mildew in Minnesotan hopyards. Watch Josh's video here.