Wasp Watcher program includes free Emerald Ash Borer training

Concerned about the presence of Emerald Ash Borer in Minnesota?  Become a Wasp Watcher!  The Wasp Watchers program engages citizen science volunteers in the biosurveillance of Emerald Ash Borer (EAB).  A native, stingless, ground-nesting wasp called the smoky winged beetle bandit (Cerceris fumipennis) hunts for wood boring beetles including EAB.  The female Cerceris wasps hunt for beetles in the trees and bring their prey back to their nest holes in the ground to feed to their offspring.  Citizen scientists can intercept the foraging wasps using an aerial net and the beetle prey can be captured and identified to determine if EAB is present at that site. Volunteer and help with EAB early detection!

Attend a FREE Wasp Watchers field training in July.  These 1.5 hour long field trainings will provide an opportunity to learn about the EAB biosurveillance process with hands-on opportunities to try it yourself.  Equipment will be provided and participants will learn to identify the Cerceris wasp and nests and learn how to use an aerial insect net to capture the wasp and collect its beetle prey.  Visit the Wasp Watchers website for more information dates, times, and locations of the FREE field trainings.