Cloquet Forestry Center hosts the Board of Regents and President Kaler

CFANS' Cloquet Forestry Center (CFC) was honored to host the Board of Regents and President Eric Kaler on March 22 as part of their monthly meeting. Regent David McMillan of Duluth made a visit to the CFC last fall and was instrumental in encouraging the Board to make a visit to the Center. Faculty from the Department of Forest Resources and CFC staff fielded their questions about CFANS students, particularly those in majors like Forest and Natural Resource Management who complete up to seven weeks of field instruction at the Center.

The Regents and the President learned about the CFC's history dating back to 1909, followed by a tour of the forest. The tour stopped at experimental forest stands to demonstrate research on jack pine thinning, red pine spacing, firewise thinning, white pine breeding, northern long-eared bats, as well as research projects conducted by undergraduates in CFANS.

They also learned about Forest Resources' globally-unique research on how northern trees are projected to respond to a changing climate. Known as B4WARMED, with 72 plots and 10,000 saplings at two sites, the experiment enables CFANS researchers and collaborators to understand the potential for climate change to alter future forest composition. During the visit north, President Kaler also announced the launch of the Land-Grant Legacy Scholarship.