Development spotlight: Mississippi Market brings a gift to the bees

In April, the University of Minnesota Bee Lab was the recipient of the donations from the Mississippi Market's Positive Change program. Run by MacArthur Fellow and Distinguished McKnight Professor Dr. Marla Spivak, the Bee Lab researches and promotes the health of bees and their habitats. Their research includes breeding better bees, discovering bees’ natural defenses, improving conservation and management of pollinators, reducing pesticide use, and sharing research with commercial and hobby beekeepers. Thanks to all of the Mississippi Market shoppers who donated their reusable bag credits and chose to round up at the registers through their Positive Change program, the co-op was able to donate $11,279.93 to benefit the Bee Lab’s research and promote the importance of pollinators in our food system. And thanks to Mississippi Market for choosing the Bee Lab as a beneficiary!