Did You Know?

University of Minnesota Homecoming is a tradition dating back to 1914! It has changed a great deal throughout the years depending on current events at the university-level, locally and nationally. Here is a look at Homecoming themes and traditions since the birth of University of Minnesota Homecoming. 

1914: Back to Campus Homecoming at the University of Minnesota officially kicked-off with an alumni dinner, concert and dance.
1918-1920: Homecoming events were put on hold due to WWI.
1921: The halftime show at the football game consisted of gymnastics, tumbling acts and melodrama of the Ozarks titled "The Moonshiner's Last Stand".
1923: Noise bombs were set off to call people to assemble for the parade.
1924: The homecoming football game was the first game to be played at Memorial Stadium, located where McNamara Alumni Center now stands.
1931: "Rope Wisconsin" Wild West Roundup. For the 'Rope Wisconsin' theme, expert cowboys were brought in to perform a wild west rough-riding show.
1942: The Homecoming Parade was billed as the world's largest parade at 2 miles long and 170 cars and floats.
1943: War shortages meant there was no bonfire, pepfest, house decorations or parade.
1951: Husk the Huskers, Mallard ducks were released during the halftime show to celebrate Minnesota Conservation and Sportsmanship.
1960: Residence Halls sponsored the Homecoming coronation ball for the first time.
1964: Silence Illi-Noise, Dayton's 8th Floor promoted Homecoming with a fashion show.
1970: Prizes were awarded to Greek Houses who won the house front decorating contest.
1970-1975: The Vietnam War and the mood of the era significantly impacted Homecoming.Gopher Fans did not celebrate homecoming except for four Greek houses in 1971.When Homecoming was revived in 1973, the bonfire was not allowed for environmental issues.They stopped having a Homecoming Queen from 1970 to 1975 on the premise that it was not an appropriate expectation of women due to the feminist movement.
1986: A circus was hosted on the front plaza of Coffman Memorial Union.
1996: Homecoming goes back to Minnesota's roots: one event is the Farmer's Share Breakfast where diners eat a full breakfast and pay the share a farmer would receive.