Alumni spotlight: Tracy Lundberg

2000, B.S. Agricultural & Food Business Management
Was involved with National Agri-Marketing Association, University of Minnesota Nordic Ski Club

Current organization/employer: Sconnie Foods

Favorite memory of campus:

The St. Paul Student Center was great for studying, meeting up with friends and catching some live music performances periodically. What is unique about CFANS on the St. Paul campus is that it is part of the excitement of a large Big 10 University while having its own separate campus and activities.

Why did you choose CFANS as a college?

The fact that CFANS is jointly coordinated with the Carlson School of Management was attractive to me in choosing it as a college. I found the collaboration between the two to be valuable in shaping my courses and academic career.

Why do you think the University of Minnesota is great?

It has something for everyone! With its world class academic programs, beautiful sprawling campuses and wide variety of activities and organizations, the University of Minnesota offers endless possibilities for students.

Career information/ professional achievements:

Founder/Owner of Sconnie Foods, LLC. Sconnie Foods launched to market a Squeezable Sauerkraut which has won several awards and has been featured in numerous media outlets including newspaper articles, national reviews and television programs.

What's your passion? What do you love about your work and your field?

Many people have said to me, "Wow, you're really passionate about sauerkraut!" However, it's the tremendous challenge and excitement of growing a startup company and introducing an innovative product to market, such as a squeezable sauerkraut, that I find so rewarding. Recognizing an opportunity in the marketplace, taking action and solving a problem for consumers is what this entrepreneurial journey is all about! 

How did your education at the U of M help prepare you for what you are doing today?

Certainly my Agricultural Food & Business Management degree helped prepare me for what I have accomplished with Sconnie Foods thus far. The coursework, along with industry speakers, program activities and faculty guidance all made a significant impact in preparing me for opportunities in the food industry.

What advice do you have for current students (and future alumni)?

Be involved, ask questions, don't be afraid to take calculated risks, reach out to faculty and mentors, take a proactive approach in shaping your program and future. New opportunities are hidden everywhere.