CFANS Alumni & Friends eNews - October 2015

Tracy Lundberg earned her B.S. ('00) in Agricultural & Food Business Management at the University of Minnesota. After her experience at the U, Tracy went on to become Founder/Owner of Sconnie Foods, LLC, which has launched an award-winning Squeezable Sauerkraut to market. Tracy writes about her rewarding start-up journey and shares with students and alumni that "New opportunities are hidden everywhere." Hear more from Tracy on her experiences here!

Tracy Lundberg

The Schwan Food Company has announced a $1 million investment in the University of Minnesota, including a $375,000 commitment to support CFANS. This generous support will focus on graduate student work in the departments of Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering (BBE) and Food Science and Nutrition (FScN) and develop an undergraduate scholarship program with BBE and FScN. Learn more.

SFC Reception

The newest exhibition at the Bell Museum, "Peregrine Falcon: From Endangered Species to Urban Bird," tells the incredible story of the citizens, scientists, and birds that brought these raptors back from the brink of extinction—in an unprecedented turn of events, peregrines were listed and then removed from the U.S. endangered species list within two decades. Also, learn how conservationists today are applying those same methods to other endangered species. Exhibit runs October 3-January 3. More...

Peregrine Falcon

Alumni and friends, students, faculty and staff came together to celebrate CFANS Homecoming traditions, including Gopher Grams, the Beer & Brats Parade Party at the Bell, the U of M Homecoming parade, and Ski-U-Mania. See photos from these events on Picasa and our CFANS Alumni & Friends Facebook page. Four students with ties to CFANS ran for Homecoming Royalty, including Austin Liepold, Joe Joyer, Matthew Detjen, and Jessica Hanneman!  Congratulations to Matt for his big Homecoming King win. Learn more about the Homecoming Royalty candidates here.


On September 19th the University of Minnesota Gopher Football team was host to another successful Celebrate Ag & Food Day that ended with a 10-7 victory over the Kent State Flashes. Celebrate Ag & Food Day was host to many conversations between those that prepare and produce agricultural products and those who consume them! More...

Ag and Food Day

This fall Minnesota welcomed 26 new instructors (many of them CFANS graduates) offering courses in agricultural, food and natural resource education in high schools across the state.  If you live in one of these areas, please help welcome these individuals to your community! More...

Read the latest about events, lectures and seminars happening on campus and in partnering departments as well as student and faculty news. Features this month:

University of Minnesota dominates the competition at World Dairy Expo

Kim Reno accepts Office Manager position in the CFANS Student Services Office

Ag Ed Division Adds New Major

University of Minnesota Soil Judging Team Takes 1st Place


News and notes from our amazing CFANS alumni! Featured this month:

Mohammed Sadiki ('90) receives CFANS Alumni Society Distinguished Alumni Award

- Donald Siniff ('67) honored with the 2015 Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology Distinguished Alumni Award

- Michael Martin ('78) receives U of M's Outstanding Achievement Award

- Kathryn Turner ('12, '15) receives 2015 Jeanie Borlaug Laube Women in Triticum Early Career award

Catherine Macpherson ('97) has joined the advisory board of Retrofit

Devin Peterson ('97, '01) receives 2015 FEMA Excellence in Flavor Science Award


This month we remember the life and accomplishments of one member from the CFANS community who will be missed by many:

Donald Husnik ('62), loving husband, father, and grandfather who was an avid Gopher Women's Basketball fan


The monthly alumni trivia question gives alumni and friends an opportunity to test their U of M knowledge. Are you up for the challenge? All responders with the correct answer will be entered in a pool and the prize winner selected by random draw.

October alumni trivia question:

Stripe rust, is one of the three wheat rust diseases principally found in wheat grown in cooler environments. Symptoms are stunted and weakened plants, shriveled grains, fewer spikes, loss in number of grains per spike and grain weight. Losses can be 50%, but in severe situation 100% is vulnerable. One recent report co-authored by University of Minnesota professor estimated how much wheat is lost to stripe rust each year?


CFANS research has shown that bears appear unfazed by drones, but their heart rates soar. If an unidentified flying object suddenly appeared in the sky, it’s likely your heart would beat faster. Now, University of Minnesota researchers reporting in the journal Current Biology have found that the same is true for bears.
The UFOs in this case are actually unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), which have become increasingly valuable to wildlife researchers, allowing them to observe animals, including endangered species, in their natural settings from long distances and over difficult terrain. Until now, researchers thought the animals were taking these encounters in stride. For instance, American black bears rarely seem to startle or run away when a UAV comes near. But the new study, published today, reveals that despite the bears’ calm demeanor when in the presence of UAVs, their heart rates soar, a sign of acute stress.

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