Can you imagine a donor who has never set foot on the St. Paul campus donating $2,000,000 for scholarships? No need to imagine because she is real!

Thanks to the astute listening skills of a CFANS associate dean in a conversation with a longtime family friend, a match was made between a donor who is concerned about the burden of student debt and future CFANS students. She asked what the average amount of student debt at graduation was, as well as the number of students who are forced to drop out because they can no longer afford their education. 

Her giving started with a $2,000 gift. She wanted to know about the recipients but chose to remain anonymous to them. She was thrilled to receive their thank you letters and a later follow up telling of their plans after the school year ended.

That giving experience was so rewarding that the next year she gave $3,000 and began discussions about a future gift from her estate. After many conversations she decided to leave her share of farmland to fund $2,000,000 worth of scholarships with the proceeds from the sale of her land. Matching her concerns about student debt she structured the scholarships to equal the level of annual student debt when the gift is realized. Truly a transformational gift to CFANS from a joyful giver!

Development spotlight: For the Love of Education