Alumni & Friends News

2016 ACTE Lifetime Achievement Award: Cliff Vrieze

The Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) named Cliff Vrieze (B.S. Agriculture Education '67, M.S. Agriculture Education '72) the recipient of the 2016 ACTE Lifetime Achievement Award. The ACTE Excellence Awards recognize individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to CTE, programs that exemplify the highest standards and organizations that have conducted activities to promote and expand CTE programs. Award winners serve as inspirational leaders to ACTE: they embody the core values of serving their students and being committed to CTE. To read about Cliff's accomplishments, read his bio and watch his video on the ACTE website! 

Land O'Lakes mentors & CFANS alumni host CFANS students for site visit

In early March, 13 Land O'Lakes mentors and 14 University of Minnesota CFANS students got together to learn about Land O'Lakes and share career possibilities with a major food and agribusiness company.  Students toured the labs and pilot plant of the Dairy Foods Research and Development facility.  They also toured the test kitchens where they tested baked goods made with butter and various spreads and sampled popular Land O'Lakes cheeses.  Following the tours, mentors and students gathered for a Question and Answer session that included topics such as tips for professional growth and advancement, job search recommendations, mentor career histories and advice in finding the right job choice.  The event was the fourth annual event at the company and has grown each year.  Ellie Bauer, a current Nutrition student, said "The mentor event exposed me to what work could look like in a large company and all of the diverse opportunities Land O'Lakes has for its employees." If you are interested in learning more about the mentor program, check out our website!

126th Annual Meeting of U of M School of Agriculture

The 126th annual meeting of University of Minnesota School of Agriculture the was held on the St. Paul campus on Saturday, April 23 with approximately 13 graduates and 12 guests attending.  The school, which closed in 1960, was established on March 6, 1888, thirty years after Minnesota achieved statehood.  The Board of Regents approved the School and first term opened October 18, 1888.  The University of Minnesota School of Agriculture’s Board still meets regularly every year led by their President Marvin Johnson (B.S. Animal Science '73, M.S. & Ph.D. Veterinary Medicine '80, '82) and an annual dinner and meeting has been hosted on the St. Paul Campus for alumni and their guests.

Dr. William S. Niebur is new Agritech president/CEO

Dr. William S. Niebur (Ph.D. Plant Breeding '83) was named the new Agritech President and CEO around the end of April. Origin Agritech Ltd. is a technology-focused crop seed provider that continues to expand and enhance it's business, while pursuing new markets and opportunities. "I am honored to be selected as the next president and CEO of Origin," Dr. Niebur said. "This is a bold and innovative company that is redefining its future. Origin is well-positioned with its established core seed business and proprietary germplasm development program, as well as its emerging seed-traits business. Origin will continue to focus on growth while driving stronger execution in the Asia seed business. The recruitment of stronger talent, development and out-licensing of novel value-added traits, and deepening of current and new strategic partnerships to grow our business globally will become a significant part of Origin's future." Read more of this story, here!