Did you know?

Brad Heins (B.S. '98 Animal & Plant Systems, M.S. '06 Animal Sciences, PH.D. '10 Animal Science), an assistant professor of dairy, is working on creating a greener dairy system at the West Central Research and Outreach Center (WCROC). This sector, which is part of the university, has a a goal to develop a dairy system that collects more energy from renewable sources than it uses. Scientists and engineers at the WCROC have been researching and looking at ways to help shape the center's dairy operations to make a "net zero" in the amount of energy used and created. The research findings have helped Heins and engineers determine what sections of the dairy were using too much energy, how they could reduce the amount, and what could be done to create a more efficient energy system. Later this spring, two new wind turbines and a new solar array will be installed at the WCROC to help with this goal.  To read more about what other energy saving methods are in place at this dairy operation, check out this article from the Morris Sun Tribune.