Alumni & friends news

Congratulations to newlyweds Jennifer Janak and Willie Coyne!

Jennifer Janak ('14) and William (Willie) Coyne ('13), both Animal Science undergraduates at CFANS, were married on January 16, 2016. Jennifer is currently working as a report writer for Dairy Star, and Willie is a salesman at Juettner Motors in Alexandra, MN. Congratulations to the newlyweds! 

Whitney Place accepts new position with Minnesota Department of Agriculture

Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) Commissioner Dave Frederickson appointed Whitney Place (B.S. Plant Science '10, M.S. Sci Tech and Enviro Policy '13) to take on the duties of Director of Legislative Affairs. Place has been with the department since 2012, most recently as Executive Assistant to the Commissioner and prior to that as the Communications and Outreach Coordinator for the Minnesota Agricultural Water Quality Certification Program in the Pesticide and Fertilizer Management Division.

Sjostrom accepts new position with Minnesota Milk

Lucas Sjostrom (B.S. AnSc '09, M.S. AnSc '16) began serving as Government and Policy Relations Program Manager with Midwest Dairy and Minnesota Milk on February 15. He will head Minnesota Milk's resolutions process and policy committee, and be Midwest Dairy's contact with government officials for Minnesota. Lucas and his wife, Alise (B.S. Ag Industries & Marketing '09) have two children (by the time this goes out) and live on their farm in Western Stearns County. Alise and Lucas live on her home farm where they are partners in Jer-Lindy Farms LLC and Redhead Creamery LLC with her parents, Jerry and Linda Jennissen.