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Minnesota Youth Institute - know a high school student who might be interested? 

The Minnesota Youth Institute engages high school students in solving local and global hunger issues. The interactive, day-long program brings teens from across the state to the University of Minnesota for an immersive science experience and an opportunity to connect with research and industry leaders. MNYI serves as a gateway to the World Food Prize Symposium, global travel, all-expense-paid internships while still in high school, and a $1000 scholarship to the University of Minnesota.

Do you know a student who would be interested in this opportunity? Send them to visit this link. 

Building Horticulture in North High

A collaboration between Project Sweetie Pie and CFANS is working to build horticulture, ecology, and food systems into the science curriculum at North Community High School. The initiative started as an after school program. “In January 2011, students started growing sweet potatoes in an unused greenhouse,” says Chaney. It quickly became apparent that the initiative, and the greenhouse, had more value to offer. “The first year we had just 5 gardens around North Minneapolis for kids to work in and fifty partners. By year two we had 10 gardens and 75 partners, and now we have 25 gardens and 130 partners.” In 2015, Chaney met with Beth Markhart, who connected him with Mary Rogers, assistant professor in organic horticulture at the University of Minnesota. The group applied for and received a grant from Healthy Food, Healthy Lives* to build a curriculum around food and human ecology in the science program for 11th and 12th graders.

The grant allowed them to hire Christian Curran to help develop curriculum and manage the program as it grew. “We wanted to use the greenhouse to teach students about horticulture and agriculture and build educational awareness around local food systems,” says Curran. “Everything anchors back to a holistic understanding of food and human systems. It also gives the students hands-on experiences, which can lead to better career prospects and opportunities.” To read more of the story, visit here. 

UMN announces scholarship program for CFANS

The University of Minnesota -Twin Cities launched a partnership with the online scholarship platform for their College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS).

CFANS provides students the opportunity to enter career fields with some of the best job outlooks in the country, including majors in animal science, food systems, applied economics, sustainable systems management, and fisheries, wildlife and conservation biology. This micro-scholarship program is designed to pique student interest in the CFANS degree programs that translate to opportunities in these high-demand career fields—while rewarding their achievements in high school and supporting their success in college.

Do you know a prospective college student? Share your CFANS story and let them know about this scholarship opportunity!

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New face in CFANS Admissions

Megan Connelly is joining the CFANS team as a recruitment communications specialist. Megan will work closely with undergraduate admissions to create strategic communications to prospective students that showcase the unique and valuable experiences students have as members of the CFANS community. CFANS has a great story to tell with regards to rigorous academic experiences, meaningful advising and student opportunities, and career opportunities in the Twin Cities and beyond. Megan will help the college tell that story in a captivating way to a wider audience of future freshman and transfer students. Welcome, Megan!