Development Spotlight

"Are you doing what you love," and "Are you loving doing it?" Those are two questions that Lori Jones '86 (B.S. Animal Science) asks the student recipients of the Lori Jones Scholarship every year at the CFANS Thanksgiving for Scholarships event.

Lori's dream was to become a professor. That dream was cut short by a serious car accident in 2002. When she received the settlement from her accident she knew she wanted to give back and the University of Minnesota was where she wanted to give back because of her experience as an undergraduate. Coming from a small town where everyone knew her, she arrived at the U of M knowing almost no one and quickly set out to establish herself as a student leader at CFANS.

Lori felt CFANS was her family when she was a student here and continues to feel a part of that family. This year, Lori wanted to honor her 30th year anniversary of graduating from CFANS with a generous gift to her endowed scholarship fund so that students will be impacted even more significantly. Thank you, Lori, for your commitment to CFANS!

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