Upcoming events for alumni & friends

Alumni Webinar: Become a Persuasive Business Storyteller

December 3, Noon-1:00pm,

Regardless of where you work, there is a good chance that you have to present to small or large groups on a regular basis. A Business Storyteller is someone who develops a mastery of the unique experience of talking in front of a group by mastering the story itself, telling it well, and making a deep audience connection.  True business storytellers are stronger communicators, who look better to others when they are in the ‘hot seat,’ and who enjoy a better self-perception. These things can contribute to a faster career climb, higher financial rewards, and a more meaningful, powerful life. In addition, they elevate self-image and level of confidence. Before you know it, you will start to get comfortable performing in uncomfortable situations.

You will learn three steps to becoming a storyteller: 1) Commit –Take a moment to define and envision yourself as a strong communicator and speaker.  2) Practice – Test it out in “safe” scenarios with lower stakes while you build new patterns.  3) Deploy –Start looking for every imaginable opportunity to speak.

Bees: The New Buzz

December 5, 9:00am Continuing Education & Conference Center

Bees have survived for more than 50 million years and pollinate many of the crops essential to the nation’s food supply. Our supermarket produce aisles would look empty without the service provided by these pollinators. But many of our bees are still in decline. What has been done in recent years and what more can we do to help them? Find out from MacArthur-award-winning entomologist Marla Spivak during this 2-hour course.

Zooniverse (online citizen science platform)

December 7, 4:00pm 335 Borlaug Hall
Conservation Biology Seminar Series presented by Lucy Forston, Physics and Astronomy, UMN.

Sustainable Crop Production Research and Outreach in Africa

December 10, 8:30am Cargill Building Room 105

The Stakman-Borlaug Center for Sustainable Plant Health invites you to a symposium on sustainable crop production research and outreach in Africa. The presentations and discussion during this symposium will touch upon the implications of crop production for food security, ecosystem health, and social well-being in Africa. This symposium is an opportunity to share the many experiences and ongoing activities within CFANS, and more broadly, to explore strategies for future research and outreach efforts in this area. For more information please visit the fall symposium website.

Chicago Alumni Social Event

December 14, 5:30pm The Metropolitan Club, 233 S. Wacker Drive in the Willis Tower

Join fellow Chicago Gophers, CFANS alumni and U of M representatives at the Metropolitan Club. The event includes free hors d'ouevres and a cash bar. The cost is free. 

Alumni Webinar: Pass the Ball: Power Principles for Creating Effective, Efficient Teams

December 17, 12:00pm

Jack Brewer (B.S. '01, M.Ed. '02), CEO/Founder, The Brewer Group Companies; As a former captain of three NFL teams, Jack Brewer believes every voice is equal and adds value. Whether it is business or sports, the most important piece are the people that leaders and supervisors guide and shape. Tune in to this webinar to learn how to create chemistry where people buy-in, take ownership, are fully passionate to the same goal and focus, and find meaning in their life and work.