In memory

Frank IrvingFrank D. Irving passed away July 6 at the age of 90. After serving in the Marines during WWII, Frank earned two advanced degrees from the University of Minnesota ('50, M.S. Forestry; '60, Ph.D. Forestry) and became a professor of Forestry at the U of M. Frank taught and mentored many young foresters and was instrumental in introducing the "prescribed burning" forest management strategy. Read the full obituary.

Mark StennesMark A. Stennes passed away July 22 at the age of 63. Mark earned his B.S. degree in Forest Resources in 1975, followed by an M.S. in Plant Pathology in 1981. He was a passionate tree person who had been involved with the Minnesota Society of Arboriculture from its infancy, and helped to share the concept of urban forestry in Minnesota and beyond. Read the full obituary.

Harold Melvin Pellett passed away July 22 at the age of 76. Harold had been a professor and research leader at the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum for over 30 years. Harold worked extensively in the the field of plant cold hardiness and had a national reputation as an effective plant breeder, graduate student advisor and plantsman. Read the full obituary.