In memory


Dr. William F. 'Bill' Hueg, Jr, passed away at his home on February 18, at the age of 92. Dr. Hueg joined the University of Minnesota in 1957, as an Extension Agronomist. Since then, Hueg's career was marked by steady advancement - to director of the Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station and later Vice President for agriculture and Dean of the Institute of Agriculture, Forestry, and Home Economics. Dr. Hueg's public service to science, the university, the state of Minnesota and the international world of agriculture was exemplary. Bill and Hella Mears Hueg established The Hueg-Harrison Fellowship in 2002 which is awarded annually to recognize the student/mentor relationship that evolves during the pursuit of a M.S. or Ph.D. in production (applied) agriculture. The recipients are called Hueg-Harrison Fellows. In 2009, Hueg was awarded with the Siehl Prize for Excellence in Agriculture. To learn more about his incredible life and legacy, click here.