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Soils Judging Team headed to Kansas

The members of the Soils Judging Team are headed to Manhattan, Kansas. The students traveling to Kansas are: Rusty Zimmerman (Captain), Bri Egge, Allison Harvey, Sondra Larson, Luke Ratgen, Stefan Swenson, Teng Vang, Nick Vetsch, Andrea Williams, Amanda Wolff, and Mekuria Zemede. Before the competition, members of the team will be stopping at 17 practice pits along the way. The team has started a blog and will be providing updates on how they are doing. We wish them all the best of luck!

Pfarr named All-American wrestler

Gopher wrestler and CFANS student, Brett Pfarr, earned the title of All-American at NCAAS in Madison Square Garden. Pfarr has become the 93rd All-American Wrestler in Gopher history. To learn more, check out this article from Gopher Sports!

Plant Pathology launches Living Legacy Project

Department of Plant Pathology has launched The Living Legacy Project, a complete digital history of the Department including photo, video and written content that tells the story of our Department’s history and its impact on modern agriculture. Check out the project, here!

New Norman Borlaug Website is now live

Norman Borlaug was many things; a plant pathologist/breeder, a teacher of scientists, a scientific collaborator and a team builder. A new Norman Borlaug website will that tell the story about Norman Borlaug's life, the many hats he wore, and how University of Minnesota connections, professional relationships, and connections played a substantial role in his fight against global hunger. 

Harnessing Plant Defenses to combat Alfalfa Crown Rot

While all plants have ways of protecting against disease, Plant Pathology Ph.D. student Andrew Sathoff is researching ways to enhance alfalfa’s natural defense system to combat a complex disease. “Since there is not one consistent pathogen breeders are dealing with, this has made it difficult to develop resistant varieties,” says Sathoff. Read more about Sathoff's research on the Plant Pathology Website!

Former CFANS dean Allen Levine named American Society for Nutrition Fellow

Former Food Sciences and Nutrition department head and CFANS dean Allen Levine received the honor of being named an American Society for Nutrition Fellow, Class of 2016. Induction into this fellowship is the highest honor that the American Society for Nutrition (ASN) bestows. It recognizes individuals for significant discoveries and exceptional careers in the nutrition field. “It is a tremendous honor to be recognized by one’s colleagues,” Levine said. “If not for many collaborators, students and laboratory associates I would not have received such an honor. Thank you to all of those colleagues and friends.” Read more about Levine's career here. 

CFANS Students Compete in the Agtastic Idea Challenge

The inaugural Agtastic Idea Challenge, led by CFANS alumnus Jeffrey A. Stamp ('83 '90) was held on Friday, April 1 at the University of Minnesota, St. Paul campus. There were 9 pitches presented by 11 students and the following individuals/groups were selected by the judges as the inaugural Agtastic champions.

1st Place - $1,000
Lauren Jackson | Plant Pathology | Grad student - PhD
My idea is to use a common edible fungus to eliminate aflatoxin from the food supply of approximately 4.5 billion people via a simple, effective and natural process. In short, contaminated food products are used as substrate for the production of oyster mushrooms. My research has shown that the mushrooms that are produced are safe for human consumption and aflatoxin in the spent substrate is decontaminated enough that the material can be used as a livestock feed product.

2nd Place - $500
Natalia Calixto | Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering | Grad student - MS
It's been estimated that around one third of fruits and vegetables produced worldwide is wasted due to their post-harvest deterioration, this occurs during their transportation and storage and fungal diseases (molds) are a major cause of it. Therefore, my idea is to reduce post-harvest losses by implementing a new packaging technology that inhibit fungal dispersal without the need of any additional chemicals or a tightly controlled environment, maintaining the quality and prolonging the shelf life of fresh products.

3rd place - $250
Rachel Kircher | Ag Communications & Marketing | Junior and Haleigh Clarke | Plant Science | Sophomore
D.V.Mobile is a digital application that is downloadable on smartphones and tablets, as well as accessible on computers. It is an easy-to-use app that allows livestock producers to potentially diagnose and treat their animals on their own, as well as provide access to a database with additional information on diseases/conditions and medications.



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