Volunteer Information

Participate in the award volunteer program

There is no cost to participate in the Norman Borlaug Science Achievement Award program - the CFANS Alumni Society supplies the book and award certificate. The only requirement is the donation of your time! The following steps make up the suggested process for alumni volunteers:

1. Complete the Volunteer Form to indicate your interest in presenting an award.
2. Contact your favorite school to inform them of the opportunity to present a book award. If you do not have a contact already, we suggest reaching out to school counselors and science instructors at a high school in your area. Here is a letter to use to reach out to your school. 
3. Ask your school contact to identify a junior who has shown academic achievements in the area of science as well as having demonstrated two or more of the following characteristics:
  1. Has accumulated an outstanding cumulative academic record.
  2. Notable involvement in school and community activities.
  3. Shown an interest in food science, agricultural science or natural resource science.
4. Ensure that your school submits the Book Recipient Information Form so that a personalized award certificate can be made for the recipient. Books and award materials can be sent to the volunteer or directly to the school for the presentation.
5. Arrange for the award to be presented to the student during the school's spring awards program. If possible, the alum volunteer would present the award - using this script as a reference.
6. Once you have presented the award, please complete the sample press release with the appropriate information and send it to your local paper. The student will also receive a letter from the Dean of CFANS and his/her contact information will also be provided to the admissions staff.

Sponsor a book

Don't have the time? For a donation of $30 you can sponsor an award that another CFANS alum can deliver.

Help CFANS reach high school juniors and recognize their academic achievements in the area of science by contributing to the CFANS Alumni Society Student Development Fund (#1331).

Contributions to this fund will help cover the expenses associated with the Norman Borlaug Science Achievement Award. Donations in any amount are welcome. The average cost of awarding one book (book, certificate and mailings) is $30.

Click here to make an online contribution. This link will take you to the University of Minnesota's CFANS Alumni Society Student Development Fund page. Once at this page, just hit the "Make a Gift" button and follow the prompts. 

Thank you for your gift!