CFANS Alumni Ambassadors

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What are Alumni Ambassadors?

Alumni Ambassadors are a team of alumni committed to sharing CFANS with Greater Minnesota. Their main goal is to support the recruitment and alumni relations needs of CFANS beyond the Twin Cities area.

What do Alumni Ambassadors do? Alumni Ambassadors

Alumni Ambassadors will be called upon by both CFANS admissions and alumni relations staff to help support both recruitment and engagement initiatives. As an Alumni Ambassador, you may be asked to help:

  • Build relationships with local educators, schools, etc.
  • Support announcement of scholarships in your local community
  • Develop community amongst fellow CFANS alumni and friends
  • Represent CFANS at local events

What is the time commitment of being an Alumni Ambassador?

The time commitment to be an Alumni Ambassadors will vary. Some ambassadors might volunteer 2-4 hours a year, while others may contribute more. The time invested in this role will depend on the number of engagement opportunities presented to you an

d the number of engagement opportunities you seek out for yourself.

What will I gain from being an Alumni Ambassador?

Being an Alumni Ambassador is a great way to stay connected to CFANS and support the future leaders of CFANS related career paths. It is hoped that all ambassadors feel a sense of giving back to the college and also supporting their surrounding community.

How do I become an Alumni Ambassador?

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