CFANS Alumni Ambassadors

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Admissions visitYou may not know it, but your experiences can help influence students' career decisions! That is why we need your help to inform the next generation of leaders of the unique opportunities they have to address challenges confronting the world today. The recently released U.S. Department of Agriculture report shows tremendous demand for recent college graduates with a degree in agricultural programs, with an estimated 57,900 high-skilled job openings annually in the food, agriculture, renewable natural resources, and environment fields in the United States and only 35,000 graduates to fill them. No one can make the connections to these opportunities better than our alumni!

CFANS Alumni Ambassadors are taking CFANS recruitment and alumni engagement efforts to the next level. Alumni Ambassadors share their college and professional experiences with prospective students and families and inform fellow alumni of what's new and what's ahead for the college. They receive training and key information from CFANS staff and the Alumni Engagement Committee so they are equipped to answer a variety of questions.

Why are CFANS Alumni Ambassadors even needed?

  • Your CFANS story will inspire students to consider a career in food, agriculture, and natural resource sciences
  • Your experience will encourage prospective students - high school and transfer students - to apply for admission to the college
  • Your talents and experience are needed to support the college's recruitment efforts

What will I do as a CFANS Alumni Ambassadors?

  • Attend college or science fairs, STEM summits, and other recruitment events to represent CFANS
  • Tell their CFANS story during information sessions at local high schools or colleges
  • Engage alumni, parents, and prospective students in meaningful dialogue related to CFANS programs, admissions, and scholarships
  • Share information about CFANS with colleagues when attending professional conferences

What will I gain through serving as a CFANS Alumni Ambassador?

  • A deeper appreciation for service and giving back to the University of Minnesota
  • The satisfaction of knowing that you made an impact in the social and professional lives of University of Minnesota students
  • Connections with future leaders in the Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences Career Pathway
  • Reconnection with other University of Minnesota Alumni Members and Faculty

What is expected of CFANS Alumni Ambassadors?

  • Attend at least one training annually (either in-person or online) from CFANS staff in preparation for your involvement 
  • Review resources prior to each ambassador engagement to stay up-to-date on college and admissions information
  • Complete an evaluation after each engagement with a prospective student or alumni to report experience, best practices, and suggestions for future interactions

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