Borealis Circle

Borealis Circle

In 2017, the CFANS Alumni Society formed the Borealis Circle to honor key individuals who have, by their accomplishments or service, brought honor and distinction to the college and university. The Circle's formation is rooted in recognizing that while an award or service term is fixed in time, the prestige and legacy that the involvement brought to the college is ever-green.

Membership in the Circle is offered to individuals who have

  • served two full terms (6 years) in an appointed position on the CFANS Alumni Society Board of Directors or
  • received a CFANS Alumni Society Award, University of Minnesota Alumni Association Award, a University of Minnesota Alumni Service Award, or a University of Minnesota Outstanding Achievement Award or
  • served as a CFANS Dean or
  • offered exceptional service to CFANS as identified by the Alumni Society Board of Directors.

Members will be inducted in two phases. On Wednesday, April 19, 2017 at the Borealis NIght of Excellence, the Alumni Society recognized individuals who served or received awards since the creation of CFANS on July 1, 2006.

Next year the society will induct all eligible persons who were honored or who served with CFANS predecessor colleges.