2016 Alumni Society Award Recipients

Student Leadership Award: Undergraduate

Brandon RoigerBrandon Roiger, Agricultural Communications and Marketing Major

Although Brandon is on track to graduate from the University of Minnesota in only three years, he has maximized his short time on campus by engaging in challenging coursework, participating in student organizations, completing multiple internships, and modeling service to others. In terms of leadership, Brandon has been involved in a number of student organizations, including Ag Ed Club, CRU, University Honors Student Association, Minnesota Student Association, and CFANS Student Board (Senator). In each of these leadership venues, he has had the opportunity to interact with and influence numerous individuals – at the program, college and university levels.  He has utilized his strong leadership and charismatic personality to encourage and inspire others, including students, staff, and faculty. His involvement and positive energy has brought great enthusiasm to CFANS and has inspired many people to serve others as a result. 

Student Leadership Award: Graduate

Chelsey HinnenkampChelsey Hinnenkamp, ‘13, B.S. Nutrition

A second-year food science Masters student, Chelsey has been a proud member of CFANS since 2009, when she began her undergraduate work here. During her tenure as a CFANS student, she has exhibited what it truly means to be a leader inside and outside of the classroom. She has excelled in her academics while balancing considerable extracurricular involvement and service to others. Her passion for the field of food science has led her to take on teaching and mentoring responsibilities and a number of leadership roles. She has gone out of her way to organize activities geared toward the enrichment of knowledge, volunteer spirit and social networking through her teaching, her involvement in Phi Tau Sigma, the National Food Science Honor Society, as well as the University of Minnesota Food Science and Nutrition Club. Chelsey is obviously taking advantage of every possible growth and service opportunity, and she has great potential as a professional and leader in the field of her choice.

Outstanding Friend Award

Kevin PaapKevin Paap

Kevin has served as an influential role model for many CFANS students and graduates and truly does exemplify the word partnership. As President of the Minnesota Farm Bureau, Kevin has fostered many connections with students and industry workers involved in research, production agriculture and education. He gives of himself personally and professionally to advance and promote agriculture everyday. A Waseca graduate, Kevin has mentored students of CFANS and has played a huge role in providing leadership training to these students. He is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure that students develop the skills that they need to advocate for agriculture and be leaders. The college is grateful for his support, kindness and ability to influence students.

Distinguished Staff Award

Chad GiblinChad Giblin,  '01, B.S. Animal & Plant Systems; '13, M.S. Natural Resource Sciences

Chad is deeply committed to teaching students, engaging in community events, and being a great role model for many. His passion for his field is obvious and he possesses a drive to teach others and guide them through to success via field work, projects, and professional experiences. Beyond the support he offers to studetns, alumni, and faculty in the pursuit of their goals, he also has served as a cornerstone for extensive research done on elm selection for Dutch Elm disease resistance and soil amendments for young trees. This research has helped to cultivate strong partnerships with members of the University and the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. Chad’s peers, students, and all who have worked with him speak highly of his knowledge, diligence, and ability to foster the learning of those with him. 

Distinguished Faculty Award

Kevin JanniKevin Janni, ‘76, B.S. Agricultural Engineering

Since joining University of Minnesota faculty in 1980, Kevin Janni has established a research, extension, and outreach program of national and international prominence focusing on the economically feasible and environmentally sound practices that contribute to the sustainable use of agriculture and natural resources.  Kevin has received numerous awards for his contributions including being selected as the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineering (ASABE) Fellow, ASABE’s Henry Geise Structures and Environment award and was awarded The Richard C. Newman Community Impact Award recognizing over thirty years of commitment and significant contributions to research based Extension and Outreach and Community Impact. Beside providing leadership, he has also devoted a great deal of his time to teaching students and making sure that material he presents is easy to understand, and that all students get the help that they need. Kevin is very committed to both his students, and research and has made many substantial contributions to both.

Alumni Advocate Award

Joel LarsenJoel Larsen, '77, B.S. Agricultural Education, '93, M.S. Agricultural Education

As a two-time Agricultural Education graduate of the University of Minnesota, an ag instructor, longtime Gopher football season ticket-holder, and as lead of the Minnesota FFA Convention planning committee, Joel has been a champion and cheerleader for the University of Minnesota and CFANS throughout his career.  As an alum, teacher, and advisor, he encourages students to consider and pursue post-secondary degrees at the University of Minnesota. He strives to involve faculty and staff at the college in the FFA State Convention and during FFA events and activities and he has been strategic in engaging the college in convention planning. He makes every effort to ensure that CFANS and university leadership understand the important partnership that exists  between FFA and the college, and under his leadership, the MN FFA Association has found a home in the University of Minnesota’s Agricultural Education Department. 

Alumni Service Award

Roger ChamberlainRoger Chamberlain, ’74, B.S. Agricultural Business Administration

Roger is a committed alumnus and exceptional volunteer. He has diligently and passionately worked on behalf of the CFANS Alumni Society since he got his start on the Board in 2009. During his presidency from 2011-2012, he helped implement the Alumni Society Sponsorship program, which raises funds from organizations to support student scholarships and Alumni Society programs like the Mentor Program, Homecoming, and Classes Without Quizzes, among many others. During his leadership and involvement, the amount of funding raised through this program has grown from $25,000 to over $75,000 last year. One of the many reasons Roger’s leadership has been so successful is that he has leveraged his own network of alumni and professionals and has encouraged others to do the same. He has continued to provide his insight and counsel to the sponsorship committee and always thinks about ways to improve the program and its growth. CFANS Alumni Society programs and scholarships would look very different without Roger’s leadership and wisdom.

Distinguished Alumni Award

Doris MoldDoris Mold, ’85, B.S. Agricultural Education, Animal Science, & Applied Economics; '94, M.S. Agricultural & Applied Economics

Doris Mold tends to go above and beyond expectations, which was already clear when she graduated from the University of Minnesota as a triple major in Agricultural Education, Animal Science and Applied Economics. Doris has been a Farm and Agri-Business Management Instructor since 1989 for MAST International and has worked with the University as an Agricultural Economist. She also started her own agricultural consulting company, Sunrise Agricultural Associated, LLC, which has provided research and evaluation analysis for many topics and organizations.  Doris has completed numerous papers, reports, and workshops relating to economics, women in agriculture, and agricultural education. She has served on numerous committees, including three years as the chair of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Advisory Committee on Agricultural Statistics and currently as the American Agri-Women President.  Additionally, she served the as co-founder of the Women's Agricultural Leadership Program, now in its 18th year, and has been the sole coordinator of the Minnesota State Fair Moo Booth upon its creation in 1991. She founded, developed and implemented the entire venture which has grown its presence over the past 25 years, including a 1.4 million dollar renovation in 2009.  Doris constantly reminds others that everyone has something they can bring to the table, both great or small, and that each person is important to the success of a project or organization. 

Lifetime Achievement Award

Richard BarnesRichard Barnes, ’64, B.S. Agricultural Business Administration; '69, M.S. Public Administration 

While pursuing his Bachelors in Agricultural Business at the then-College of Agriculture, Forestry and Home Economics, Dick Barnes became involved with the MAST International Program, which brings foreign exchange students to the US for agricultural training and internships. It was this experience that ignited his lifelong interest in international affairs. After graduation, Dick spent the next 28 years working to support US agricultural interest abroad through his work for the US Department Of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service. He spent nearly 21 of these years overseas working in US Embassies. His primary missions focused around developing and expanding markets for U.S. agricultural products, reporting on overseas production, competition and market opportunities, and defending U.S. agricultural trade interests. He was in the UK when the “Mad Cow” crisis broke, and he spent years defending US-GMO products in the British marketplace and addressing the topic of the US practice of using hormones as growth promoters for livestock. After retiring from the USDA, he continued to work in areas associated with international affairs, representing the US soybean industry in Brussels and working with a private voluntary organization in food aid programs in Moldova, Nigeria, Guinea Bissau and Congo. Dick is extremely proud of his alma mater and as a result of his education at the University of Minnesota, he has had a wonderful career impacting lives all around the globe.