Advising Overview

Working closely with a professional academic advisor and your assigned faculty advisor is the best way to stay on track toward graduation.

Freshmen entering CFANS are assigned to a professional academic advisor. Students are required to meet with their professional advisor before registering for their second semester After that time, they will be assigned a faculty advisor in their major and will have a mandatory advising meeting during their first semester sophomore year.

Students transferring into CFANS are immediately assigned to a faculty advisor in their major and are required to meet with them before they are permitted to register for their second semester.

Advising appointments provide you with a chance to discuss your current courses and to plan your next registration. You are also welcome to discuss new interests or directions, to make long-term plans, or to ask any questions that may have arisen during your first semester at the University of Minnesota. It is your responsibility to call your professional and/or faculty advisor to schedule the appointment. As you progress through your program, we strongly recommend regular meetings with your faculty advisor. They are a very important resource in your field of interest (e.g. identifying internship opportunities, Directed Study opportunities, directed research/UROP options, and career opportunities.

Preparing for your advising sessions

Here are some tips for getting the most from your advising appointment:

Advising Overview

  • Schedule your appointment early so that you don't have to delay your registration. Visit One Stop to find your registration time, plan an appointment with your advisor in advance of your registration queue time.

  • Be prepared to discuss your goals for next year both in class and outside of class.

  • Develop an academic plan using "Graduation Planner" Plan for at least two semesters.

  • Review the on-line Class Schedule to verify that your planned classes are offered and do not conflict.

  • Bring a copy of your APAS report to your appointment. You can view and print your APAS through One Stop under the Student Records heading. Review your APAS report and note anything you don't understand.

  • Ask a lot of questions.

  • Know the academic calendar and the registration deadlines.

Check out the following websites and bring along any questions you have:

Make your own decisions. Advisors can help you define options, but they cannot decide for you.

What can you expect from your Professional Academic Advisor and Faculty Advisor?

Your CFANS professional academic advisors and faculty advisors work together. They are committed to helping you reach your personal and academic goals. You are assured of receiving the level of support needed to successfully complete your degree at the University of Minnesota. Here is a list of things you can expect from your advisors.

  • Your faculty advisor brings the strength of experience and perspective in their discipline to your relationship. Don't be afraid to ask for your advisor's opinion or advice on your program of study, internships, or career plans. Their knowledge of the curriculum and the positions in the field can be valuable to you.

  • Your professional academic advisor will know the curriculum for your major. She/he will also be familiar with all the requirements you'll need in order to complete your degree. Your academic advisor can also help you consider other options if you're interested in exploring other majors or colleges.

  • Your advisors will be familiar with services and resources around the campus. They are not likely to know every detail about every program or service, but will be able to point you in the correct direction.

  • Your advisors can be a source for letters of recommendation for scholarships, jobs, or graduate school applications.