CFANS Study Abroad Grants

CFANS undergraduate students can apply for several different college-sponsored grants for international study. Awards are based on application quality as well as program merit and relevance to your study in CFANS.

  • International Learning Grant: the International Learning Grant (ILG) provides funding for CFANS undergraduate students in good academic standing who participate in international study, internships, work or volunteer experiences as part of their academic degree program. The types of experiences that are funded range from two-week international field study seminars to academic year study abroad programs. Typical award amounts are $600 to $900 for short-term programs, $1,200 for semester programs, and $2,400 for academic year programs. This award can be applied to any study abroad experience that results in academic credit.

  • Diversity in Education Abroad Grant: $1,000 grants awarded by the Office of International Programs to diverse CFANS participants in CFANS study abroad programs. First–generation students, ethnically and/or racially diverse students, GLBTQ students, and students with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.

  • Go Global Grant: awarded by the Office of International Programs to CFANS undergraduate students in good academic standing who participate in a CFANS study abroad program. 20 awards at $500 will be offered for 2016-17.

  • ESPM Majors: by completing this application you will also be reviewed for an ESPM Study Abroad Scholarship worth $500. Your study abroad experience must result in a minimum of 3 credits, or 16 days abroad in order to be eligible for this award. 

Are you eligible to apply?

A student must:

  • Be a full-time undergraduate student currently enrolled in the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS) in good academic standing.
  • Be making satisfactory progress toward an academic degree in CFANS.
  • Be willing to share their experiences abroad with the Office of International Programs.
  • Specific to the Go Global Grant and Diversity in Education Abroad Grant: applicant must be participating in a CFANS study abroad program to be eligible for these 2 awards. View eligible programs PDF icon here.

    The experience must:
  • Result in academic credit being granted during or as a result of the experience.
  • Occur in a foreign country in accordance with Regents’ policy on student travel.

Funds are not awarded to:

  • Students who have already received CFANS study abroad grants. More specifically, you cannot receive the same grant twice.
  • International students to return to their native country.

The application form will allow you to apply for all three grants; an applicant may potentially receive more than one award if he/she meets the criteria. Preference is given to students applying for their first international study abroad experience in college.

Application process:

A single application form is used for all three grants. Applicants who meet required eligibility and who are participating in a CFANS study abroad program will be considered for the Go Global Grant, in addition to the International Learning Grant. An additional (optional) essay question can be completed on the form for consideration for the Diversity in Education Abroad Grant.

To Apply:

Fill out the online application form. Applications are reviewed by CFANS faculty and staff. We recommend writing and saving your essay(s) in a Word document before copying and pasting into the online form. The essay prompts are below (limit 350 words each):

Required essay for all applicants:
What motivated you to select your particular study abroad program? Address any academic, career, and/or personal goals that were part of your decision, and expand on one of your goals.

  • “Academic” goals do not need to be related to your major; we are looking for you to describe how the study abroad program coursework and/or components are relevant to your goals. 
  • Regardless of what type of goal(s) you are focusing on, explain how your goal(s) enhance your intellectual learning.

Additional questions for consideration for the Diversity in Education Abroad Grant:

  1. Required question to apply for the Diversity in Education Abroad Grant: 
    Please comment on your diverse identity and describe how it has influenced your decision to study abroad.

  2. Additional essay for consideration for the Diversity in Education Abroad Grant. Please select ONE of the following:
  • How do you anticipate your experiences will impact and prepare you for your study abroad program? 
  • What intercultural learning goals do you have for your time abroad?

Please be thoughtful in the presentation and quality of your essay, in terms of grammar, style, and attention to detail.

Application Deadlines:

  • October 12, 2016 for study abroad programs held during Winter Break 2016/17, and Spring Break or Spring Semester 2017
  • February 22, 2017 for study abroad programs held during May or Summer Term 2017
  • April 12, 2017 for study abroad programs held during Fall Semester 2017

CFANS Conditions:

  • Promote international experiences within CFANS through one of the following: 1) provide the Office of International Programs with 2 photos from your study abroad and write a post- experience reflection of 2 paragraphs about how the experience impacted you personally, academically and/ or professionally; 2) create a 1-3 minute video as an individual or in a team promoting international experiences.
  • Allow a release of application information such as name, study abroad location, and major to donors or for publications.
  • Upon request, write a letter of appreciation to the donor who provided funds to make the grant possible.

* Recipients of two or more grants (International Learning, Diversity, and Go Global) in addition to the above must select one of the following:

  • Blog at least twice per week about your experience and share with our OIP website. 
  • Tweet or post 3 times per week about your experience to @CFANS_Global and CFANS Global Facebook page during you time abroad or upon your return and attend the CFANS Global Engagement Fair. 
  • Give 2 individual or team presentations about the study abroad experience to classes, student or community groups.

Failure to participate in the program for which funds are awarded will require repayment of the funds.

University Conditions:

  • Regents Policy requires all students to purchase supplemental health insurance for study abroad programs that includes medical evacuation and repatriation coverage.
  • Students are held responsible to meet student conduct code, financial aid and the credit transfer process procedures.
  • No student can travel to a country on the U. S. Department of State Travel Warning list unless a request for exemption has been made and approval received for travel.
  • All students are required to read, sign and submit a Release & Waiver document prior to travel.