Getting Started

Nepal first nightIt’s never too early to start thinking about what or where in the world you might want to study. CFANS has international programs for undergraduates in nine general areas of study, some of which are specific to majors in the college. As a CFANS student, you also have access to hundreds of study abroad programs through the University’s Learning Abroad Center.

Study abroad programs can be short-term—one to four weeks—or semester long. You also can gain internship, work and research experience abroad.

First Steps for Undergraduate Students

  1. Think about your goals and interests.
  2. Research study abroad options.
  3. Meet with your academic advisor to discuss your plans. Together, identify the best time for you to go abroad based on the courses in your Four-Year Plan.
  4. Create an online profile and complete the First Step Module on the Learning Abroad Center website. Schedule a First Step Meeting with a program selection advisor, who will help you find a program that matches your academic, career and personal goals. St. Paul drop-in hours are Wednesdays from 2-4 in 130 Coffey Hall.
  5. Use our study aboard planning worksheet to stay on track.

While our short-term options are designed primarily for undergraduate students, occasionally some courses incorporate graduate students as well. Please speak with our office about your interests to further explore the possibility of a short-term study abroad program.

If you would like to discuss your plans further or have additional questions, contact us at