Switzerland: Mountain Agriculture

Students in Switzerland

CFAN 3503

May 22-June 3, 2018

Application Deadline:
February 1, 2018

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Peaceful, prosperous Switzerland boasts splendid mountain vistas, charming historic cities and tranquil farms. As you travel around the country and spend time at the Agricultural College of Plantahof in Landquart, you will study different types of agricultural operations including animal farms, orchards, vineyards and vegetable production sites in valleys and mountains. You also will visit cooperatives, tour a cheese factory and meet with local farmers. Having few mineral resources but a highly skilled labor force, the Swiss are experts at using raw materials to make a variety of value-added products, such as the watches, chocolate and cheese for which the country is famous. You will gain an understanding of how history, culture, and tradition have played an important and inseparable role in shaping agricultural practices and food production in modern Switzerland. You will also have the opportunity to experience Swiss life first-hand through a weekend with a host family.

Additional Application Information:

Email a 1-page essay to Maggie Wallenta with the following details:

  • How do you anticipate that study abroad will impact your:
    • personal goals
    • academic goals
    • long-term goals
  • Why did you select this program?
  • How are you preparing for your experience?


CFAN 3503 - 3.0 credits

This is an embedded course with on-campus class time during spring semester prior to departure. Students must both register for this course, and complete the study abroad application. 

*Fulfills the Experiential Learning Experience requirement.

* For more detailed information, see the program syllabus. (Coming soon!)


Students interested in sustainability, food systems, international agriculture.


$4,800 - $5,500. Includes airfare, lodging, most meals, health insurance, and transportation. Baggage fees, some meals and personal expenses are additional.


Maggie Wallenta, CFANS Education Abroad Program Director, Hans-Peter Brandenburger, and Agroverde Bergdietikon.