Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a transformative experience. Nearly 20% of CFANS students make study abroad part of their undergraduate careers. It enables you to communicate and work across cultures, gain an international perspective in your field of study, and prepares you to work in a global economy. You will gain valuable life experiences and grow as a person. Oh, and have fun, make friends and have memorable adventures!

Study abroad trip to Nepal

Types of Programs

Some programs are organized by the University and some are organized and led by CFANS faculty members. Learn more about what type of study abroad program is right for you; short-term, semesterexchange, or internship.

Academic Benefits of Study Abroad

At CFANS, we consider international learning a priority. Many study abroad programs meet the University's Global Perspectives liberal education requirement or the CFANS interdisciplinary or experiential learning requirements. Some majors accept study abroad courses to fulfill major requirements. You also can use study abroad credits as electives outside of your major.

Getting Started

It's never too early to start thinking about what or where in the world you might want to study. Look here for resources to help you get started planning your international experience. Like us on Facebook for inspiration and testimonials from past participants. 

Grants and Scholarships

Learn more about applying for and financing your international experience.

Health and Safety

International travel, health and security insurance is required for all study abroad programs. Find out more about what you need to do to prepare for international travel.

Frequently Asked Questions

The idea of studying abroad is exciting but it raises many questions. Isn't it expensive? Might it delay my graduation? Find the answers to these and other frequently asked questions.

Give to International Programs

Help support students gain international experience by donating towards our study abroad scholarships.