Scholarships and Grants for Current CFANS Students

CFANS Academic-Year Scholarships

All eligible CFANS undergraduates are encouraged to apply. Multiple academic-year scholarships are awarded. See eligibility criteria, application and instructions. The next application will open mid-December 2018 with a deadline of March 1, 2019.  Applications are reviewed in March and April. Applicants will be notified by email of award decisions by the end of May.

Conference Grant

In 2018-19, CFANS will offer up to 20 $100 grants for undergraduate students to pay for expenses incurred to attend regional, national, and international conferences for professional and/or academic development related to CFANS majors. See application form for details. 

CFANS Study Abroad Grants

CFANS undergraduate students can apply for several different college-sponsored grants for international study.  Awards are based on application quality as well as program merit and relevance to your study in CFANS. 

- International Learning Grant: $600 - $2,400 depending on the length of the program, for CFANS undergraduates who participate in international study, internships, work or volunteer experiences as part of their academic degree program.

- Diversity in Education Abroad Grant: $2,500 grants awarded by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion to diverse participants in CFANS study abroad programs. Undergraduates who are first–generation students, ethnically and/or racially diverse students, GLBTQ students, and students with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.

- Go Global Grant: $500 grant awarded by the Office of International Programs to CFANS undergraduates who participate in a CFANS study abroad program.

Application process:
A single application form is used for all three grants. Applicants who meet required eligibility and who are participating in a CFANS study abroad program will be considered for the Go Global Grant, in addition to the International Learning Grant. Additional (optional) essay questions can be completed on the form to apply for the Diversity in Education Abroad Grant.

Other CFANS scholarships and grants


  • October 1, 2018 for study abroad programs held during Winter Break 2018/19, and Spring Break or Spring Semester 2019
  • February 6, 2019 for study abroad programs held during May or Summer Term 2019
  • April 10, 2019 for study abroad programs held during Fall Semester 2019

See details and application form.

Unpaid Internship Grant

CFANS undergraduate students who have secured an unpaid internship within the United States are eligible to apply for one of several internship grants of up to $1,000. Students are selected for this grant based on the relationship of the internship experience to their academic and career goals. Apply through Career and Internship Services. Application deadlines vary by semester.

Cloquet Scholarship

If you are Fisheries and Wildlife (FW), Environmental Sciences, Policy & Management (ESPM), or Forest and Natural Resource Management (FNRM) student planning to attend either the May or August field session in Cloquet, you can apply for a scholarship to support some of your costs. To apply for summer 2019 sessions, complete the CFANS Academic Year Scholarship application (Supplemental Question #4). The application will be open from mid-December 2018 until March 1, 2019.

External Scholarships (related to CFANS majors)

There are many scholarships out there! To help our students, CFANS maintains a list of third-party scholarships related to CFANS majors. This list is not comprehensive—and the information is determined by third-party sites—but these can be valuable opportunities. See the External Scholarships list.