President's Emerging Scholars

President's Emerging Scholars (PES) is a University-wide access program into the University of Minnesota. PES students have strong applications with demonstrated academic success, extracurricular accomplishments, and/or service to their communities. However, regardless of their past accomplishments, they are part of more than five thousand other new students. They have the same opportunities, but also face the same barriers that all new students have when transitioning into college life. PES offers students support and resources (University-wide and college-specific levels) to help them successfully navigate the University.

As with any scholarship opportunity ($1,000 first and fourth years), PES also has certain expectations. For the most part, PES expectations are minimal and are the same expectations of every successful student at the University. In addition to the University expectations, CFANS also has some expectations to address the specifics of the college.

In addition to expectations of all students, University PES program expects students to meet with a peer mentor, attend the PES Fall Opportunity Conference, and to develop an academic/personal plan for success. CFANS also expects PES students to take one of two courses during their first year:

  • CFAN 1101 Dean's Engaged Leadership Program, a 3-credit year-long course that explores self-reflection, intercultural development, and leadership including two community service projects, OR.
  • CFAN 1102 PES Seminar, a hybrid online and in-person 1-credit course that explores the University's five grand challenges

For more information on CFANS or the PES program, please contact Mark Bellcourt at or 612-625-3915.

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