President's Emerging Scholars

The President’s Emerging Scholars (PES) program allows high-potential students access to the University who may otherwise not meet the ever increasing admission requirements. PES includes a mandatory first-year program with a $1,000 scholarship, plus optional programs through graduation.

Participants in PES are expected to attend new student orientation, Welcome Week, register full-time, meet minimum academic requirements and meet regularly with their academic adviser. In addition, each participant is assigned a peer mentor to help develop a PES plan (a working document to help you plan for your own experience at the University) and meets each semester with the CFANS PES coordinator.

PES students also have the opportunity to participate in an optional five-day summer seminar. The summer seminar focuses on developing a digital story to tell your own personal journal to college. The summer seminar is free to participants, including room and board. We suggest that you schedule your new student orientations during one of these summer seminars so you can take advantage of combining your on-campus experience.

Get a first-hand view of the program by watching some digital stories made by President's Emerging Scholars students.

For more information, contact Mark Bellcourt at or 612-626-8665.