Multicultural Student Programs


The College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences is committed to providing all students with an academic community that nurtures diversity and recognizes the importance of multiple world views and cultural styles. To accomplish this goal, we provide significant programmatic support for students through several interwoven programs designed to create an encouraging and successful learning environment.

Undergraduate Opportunities

Diversity in Food and Natural Resources Scholarship (DFNRS)
This merit based program offers academically gifted students committed to creating greater diversity in CFANS a significant four-year scholarship award. Students maintain their award by continuing to demonstrate academic excellence and by participating in program activities through the Office for Diversity and Inclusion. This scholarship is generally for first-year students and does not require a separate application. For details, see CFANS Scholarships for Entering Freshmen.

Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences (MANRRS)
MANRRS is a national student organization that provides students with an expanded network and social, professional and career building opportunities. The organization holds an annual national conference with poster sessions, public speaking events and career/internship fair.

Research Opportunities and Design (ROaD) Program
As a major research institution, the University encourages all students to have at least one research experience as a part of their academic career. The ROaD program assists students in exploring research options, finding a faculty mentor and writing a research proposal through five workshop sessions.  Students who participate in the program also have the opportunity to submit their final research proposal for funding.

Dean's Engaged Leaders Program (DELP)
The Dean's Engaged Leaders program is an exciting opportunity for incoming first-year students who are committed to developing their potential to enhance our community through leadership, a commitment to diversity and stewardship of the urban, rural, and natural environment.

Student Excellence in Academics and Multiculturalism (SEAM)
All incoming first-year multicultural students are invited to participate in SEAM. Students self-identify to register for three classes in common, as well as other social opportunities. Contact Karl Lorenz (, 612-624-9299) for further information about this opportunity.

Peer Mentoring
All incoming first- year multicultural students are offered peer mentors.

President's Emerging Scholars (PES)
The university's President's Emerging Scholars is a one-year academic support program devoted to enriching students' academic experiences and equipping them to excel academically. Program participants benefit from a full range of services that enhance and support their academic success during the important first year of their college career.

Graduate Resources

Graduate Opportunity Fellowship (GOF) 

New fellowship opportunity for incoming CFANS graduate students of color! Funding for this new Graduate Opportunity Fellowship (GOF) comes from a commitment by the Graduate and Research Policy and Review Committee (GRPRC) to annually dedicate $300,000 of existing graduate program funds, combined with an additional annual collegiate investment of $200,000.  Up to 11 GOFs will be offered each year, beginning in the 2016-17 academic year. Nominations for the initial round of GOFs need to be submitted by each CFANS graduate program by February 1, 2016.  Additional information about the GOF program and nomination instructions can be found in the Graduate Opportunity Fellowship document

DOVE Fellowship

CFANS will support a second year of funding for any Diversity of Views and Experiences (DOVE) Fellowship recipients.  

Office for Diversity in Graduate Education

Graduate student organizations