Student Software

UMN provides Office 365 free for all UMN students!

Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus is available to registered University of Minnesota students at no charge.

Office 365 Pro Plus offers:

  • Support for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android phones, and Windows phones
  • Current versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook on all operating systems
  • Access on up to five devices

More info:

SPSS license restricts work-at-home rights for TAs, RAs and other paid staff

Work at Home rights as defined under the University’s current contract such that a Work at Home installation of SPSS may be used by UMN paid staff (faculty, staff, paid TAs, RAs, etc.) only for work as it relates to CFANS. An installation of SPSS on a personal computer using the collegiate license cannot be used to do school work or research analysis not related to CFANS or departmental work. SPSS for students' personal use (SPSS Grad Pack) can still be purchased from a variety of vendors such as Kivuto.

Matlab and Mathematica for Student Use on a personal computer

The College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences Student Collegiate Fee pays for this software, and CFANS students who have paid their fee may access licenses that allow Matlab and Mathematica to be downloaded onto their personal computers. The software is available for Windows 7 and Vista (including 64-bit), Windows XP, Linux and Mac.

To take advantage of this offer, you must be an undergraduate or graduate student in CFANS who has paid the Student Collegiate Fee for the semester in which you wish to download the software. Faculty and staff may not obtain the software in this way.

The license period is for one year and is renewable as long as you are still a student. The licensing year starts on July 1st.

Students who have not paid the CFANS student fee may purchase the software through the University at: If you are located in a different college, please check with your home college for available software.

If you are taking a CFANS class, you are eligible to use the CFANS student labs, where much of the software used in class is available. All CFANS labs offer Matlab and Mathematica. Both programs are also available in 50 Coffey Hall. To check other University labs for available software, visit the public computer labs page.

Software available through the University

Information and links for obtaining statistical software such as JMP, SAS, and SPSS, is available via the Hardware and Software Purchasing page, along with Microsoft Office 365 and many other titles.