Laptop Checkout Frequently Asked Questions

Who can check out a laptop?

Any undergrad or graduate student who is currently enrolled in the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences and has paid the current semester's technology fee is eligible to check out a laptop.

Where are the laptops located?

The laptops can be picked up from and returned to the Natural Resources Library in 375 Hodson Hall or the Magrath Library in 1984Buford Ave. Since laptop transactions can only take place during library hours, make sure the library is open.

Can a laptop be reserved?

Laptops may be reserved by talking to someone in the library or by calling the library. Laptops will be held for up to two hours after the time of your reservation before it may be given to someone else.

How many reservations can I make at a time?

Each student is allowed to make one reservation for one laptop at a time. Each student may only have one laptop checked out at a time.

How far out can I make a reservation?

Reservations can be made for any time in the current academic semester.

How long can a laptop be checked out for?

A laptop can be checked out for up to seven days at a time. Upon return, if you need it longer and no one has it reserved, you may check out the laptop again, but this can only be done in the library. You may not renew a laptop reservation online or over the phone.

What happens if I return a laptop late?

Because of the limited number of laptops and the number of students waiting to check one out, we need to make sure laptops are returned at the assigned time.

  • If a laptop is returned late, a $30.00 fee will be charged to your University Account.
  • Each additional day that the laptop is late, $30 will be charged to your University account, up to $90.
  • If a laptop is not returned within 3 days of its due date, a $1500 replacement fee will be assessed.

What if something happens to the laptop when I have it?

Notify the library immediately if something happens to the computer. Students are financially responsible for the laptop while it is in their possession. Most accidental damage is covered by warranty, and the college has insurance to cover acts of theft or vandalism when a police report is filed. The student is responsible for the insurance deductible. Damage not covered will be the responsibility of the student and will be charged to the STARS account.

Can I connect to the Internet?

Yes, the laptop has a wireless Ethernet card and hard wired Ethernet card. This laptop can be plugged into any network jack on campus or in your home, as well as any wireless network on or off campus.

How will I print?

Since the laptops will used all over campus and off campus, we did not set them up with specific printers. If you are at home, you can install your personal printer on the laptop to print something out.

Can I save files and settings to the laptop?

We have installed special software that will remove all changes and files added to the laptop each time the laptop is restarted. This means that any special software you install will no longer be available after the computer is restarted. This also means that any files you save will be erased when you reboot. Ideally you should save your work to a USB flash drive, burn them to a CD, or save them to an online network space.

What do I do if I need help?

If you need help, please Contact 1-HELP. You can also go to the CFANS Laptop Checkout page and look through the help tutorials provided. Of course there are the help files on the computer with each program that you can read through, too.

Is there a charge for this program?

This program is covered by your Student Technology Fees, and there are no further charges.

What components come with the laptop?

Each laptop will come in a carrying case. Inside the carrying case you will find the laptop, power cube and power cable, and a network cable. We ask that you return the laptop fully charged so the next person in line doesn't get a dead laptop at checkout.

How do you log on to laptops after 60 minutes of inactivity?

After 60 minutes of inactivity the laptop screen saver will go into affect and will require you to press Ctrl + Alt + Del on the keyboard and enter <cfanslcp> as the User ID and <Welcome1> as the password in order to remove the screen saver lock and return to where you left off.

The picture on the monitor is very dark or too bright

The brightness could be set too low. Hold the function key (fn) down and tap on the up arrow to increase the brightness of the screen. Hold the function key (fn) down and tap the down arrow to decrease the brightness level.

What are my responsibilities when I check out a laptop?

Read the official Laptop Checkout Policy to know exactly what your responsibilities are when you check out a laptop.