Computer Lab Policies

The College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS) maintains computer rooms for class use by students, staff and faculty. Funds from the CFANS Student Technology fee are used to maintain the CFANS student labs. All computers are networked (allowing access to the internet and to the network printers).

Current CFANS students, staff, and faculty are welcome to use these facilities. Students who are not CFANS majors or enrollees are not allowed to use these facilities, and can use public computer facilities available around campus.

Periodically the room and the computers are scheduled for class and registration purposes. These activities have priority. A sign will be on the door to the room indicating scheduled activities. The room will not be available during these times.

Numerous instances of theft of computer equipment have been reported on campus. It is important that everyone cooperate to ensure the security of these rooms.

Appropriate Use of the Lab
Appropriate uses include: CFANS student class work preparation, individual research work, preparation of publications and major papers, and preparation of instructional materials. Examples of appropriate personal research projects are pursuits related to predocs, orals, dissertations, individual research projects, papers, and posters.

Considerate Use
Some lab computers have specific licensed software that is not installed in other CFANS Computer Labs due to cost or license restrictions. If you do not need to use the licensed software that is installed on these computers and there are other students waiting to use that software, please use the computers in one of the other CFANS student computer labs. Check the student computer labs webpage for locations and hours of use for the other labs.

IT Technology Training (formerly University Technology Training Center) offers many short courses on a number of computer-related topics. We encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities. There are courses for beginning, intermediate, and experienced computer users.
Software Programs
CFANS provides software on all computers in the computer labs. Software specific to particular classes is also available in some computer labs. Only software purchased by or licensed to CFANS is allowed on the computers.

File Storage
Please save all your personal files/documents on a flash drive or Google docs.  DO NOT STORE FILES ON THE COMPUTER! They will be deleted when the system is shut down.

It is each student's responsibility to maintain flash drives, disks and files that are virus-free. Check your media frequently, since viruses can do major damage to files and computers. Antivirus software is installed on departmental computers.

In an effort to conserve resources and improve printing services in CFANS, student computer labs use Pharos print-release stations. Students must use their U cards to release printing jobs from a print-release station attached to the printers.

Computer Software/Hardware Problems
The computer labs are available for your convenience. Their usefulness and longevity depend upon everyone using the the rooms and equipment responsibly.

If a computer or printer seems to be malfunctioning, there are problems with print quality (streaking, toner low), paper supply is low or has run out, or you experience software problems, please Contact 1-Help and a technician will resolve the issue.