Registration Holds

If you have a hold on your record, you should first check your transcript or APAS, both will usually list any current holds and the office or location to contact to have the hold removed.  The CFANS Student Services Office is limited to clearing only the holds we assign.

Orientation (RS) Hold

If you did not attend orientation when you first enrolled in the college, a hold was put on your record. If you contact us, we can make arrangements for you to participate in the next orientation session. Your hold will be removed after you participate in an orientation program.

Advising/Planning Hold

First year freshmen students will have an academic advising hold placed on their record for three consecutive semesters, transfer students will have an advising hold placed on their record during their first semester in CFANS. 

To have this hold temporarily removed, you must schedule an appointment to meet with your assigned advisor.  Once you meet with your advisor, the hold will
temporarily be removed so you can register for classes.

Probation Hold

Students whose academic work has not met the minimum standards set by the college and the University have probation holds put on their records. The intent of the hold is to ensure that you are working with your advisor to get your academic program back on the right track.

Removing a Probation Hold

To remove the hold for registration:

  1. Complete the Academic Success worksheet and contract, then make an appointment to meet with your advisor to discuss your plans for improving your academic success.
  2. Your advisor will temporarily change the hold on your record following your probation meeting, you will be able to register at that time.

Click the following link to find more information about probation.