The University of Minnesota uniform policy on readmission is as follows:

ReadmissionReadmission -- Undergraduates who have not been granted a leave of absence and who do not register for two consecutive semesters will be placed on inactive status. To regain active status, students must contact their college office for approval. Students in good academic standing at the time they became inactive are routinely allowed to return to active status.

A student who has left the University without a leave of absence for more than two consecutive semesters (not including summer session) will be held to new program requirements upon his or her return.

A student returning after only one year out or less will be allowed to follow the program requirements in effect when he or she was last enrolled. Exceptions may be made only for students who are returning after a formal leave of absence.

You can obtain a readmission form from through One Stop under the Academic Status heading.

Please contact Bill Ganzlin (612-624-3047,, Director of Student Services in CFANS, with specific questions about readmission.