Any time you are requesting a variation from your regular degree requirements you should file a formal petition. The petition helps insure that everyone is in agreement about your program requirements and that they are documented.


Use the University Petition Form. Petition forms are available in the Office of the Registrar, 130 Coffey Hall, in the CFANS Student Services Office, 190 Coffey Hall, or through One Stop under the Registration Forms heading.


  • Write your petition clearly, stating your request and reasons supporting your request. Assume the person(s) reviewing your petition does not know what you are requesting.
  • Petitions for exceptions to major requirements must first be reviewed by your advisor and then forwarded on to the major coordinator for final decision.
  • Petitions for exceptions to other academic policies or non-major requirements; e.g. late drop, retroactive course cancellation, etc., must first be reviewed by the student's advisor and then forwarded on to the Student Scholastic Standing Committee in 190 Coffey Hall for final decision.
  • We will send you an e-mail message letting you know that your petition has been reviewed. You may pick up your copy of the petition in the Student Services Office.
  • Once acted upon, original petitions are kept with your permanent advising file, in 190 Coffey Hall, and a copy is sent to your advisor. The material is then updated on your APAS report.
  • You should keep your copies of petitions until you have been officially cleared for graduation in case any questions arise about your program plan.
  • Petitions relating to any part of the University Liberal Education requirements should be submitted to the college. They are then forwarded to the University's Liberal Education Office for review and action.

Transfer students should process any petitions related to the transfer of credit as soon as possible after transfer.