Graduation and Commencement Information for Undergraduates

All students must apply to graduate. This means applying for degree clearance. Follow the steps below. (NOTE: Arranging to walk at the spring commencement ceremony is a different process.)

Applying for Degree Clearance, in order to graduate

  1. Early in the semester you intend to graduate, fill out this online application for undergraduate degree. Be sure to follow these deadlines.

  2. CFANS clears students for graduation by using your APAS report to verify that you've completed all degree-program requirements. Review your APAS report each semester to be sure it's accurate. If you need to update your APAS report, contact the CFANS Advising Center at or 612-301-2389 for help with the process. 

  3. After you apply for degree clearance and finish your coursework, CFANS will send you an email stating that your degree has been granted, and that it will be posted to your transcript. The University will mail you your diploma approximately two months after you receive the graduation notice from CFANS. If you do not finish your degree, you will receive a "lack" email, and you will have to update your degree application information.

  4. The College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS) has one commencement ceremony each year, in May. All students who have completed—or will be completing—their degree during the academic year are invited to attend the commencement event.

Your Semester of Graduation

You should apply for the semester in which you plan to complete your degree requirements. If you are unable to complete the degree requirements in the semester for which you applied and you must take additional course work in a subsequent semester, you must update your online application to the new semester in which you will complete your requirements.


After your degree has been cleared, that information is added to your transcript as soon as possible. You can use that information to confirm your degree with employers, graduate schools, or other interested parties. The Office of the Registrar is responsible for distributing diplomas. Diplomas are created after your degree has been cleared. Normal processing time is two months. If you have questions about your diploma, contact the Office of the Registrar at 612-624-1111 or NOTE: Be sure the U of M has your most current mailing address, so your diploma is mailed to the right location.

Key Things to Remember

  • The University will not confirm your degree until you clear all holds from your record.
  • You must achieve a grade of C- minus or better in all courses required for your major.
  • All required classes must be taken for a grade, unless only offered S/N.
  • Pay close attention to your college progress, and always feel free to question your APAS report.
  • CFANS is devoted to your success! Take advantage of our knowledgeable professionals. Contact the CFANS Student Services office if you need help.