Changing Your Major

Changing Major

Your first choice of major in CFANS may not suit you as your interests develop, and as you discover all the college has to offer.

Students may decide a different major would suit them better, particularly as they learn more about academic topics and career paths. If you're considering changing to a different CFANS major, follow the steps below.

Changing Majors Within CFANS

Students planning to switch to another CFANS major should begin by learning more about it. (See list of CFANS majors, or browse by topic.) You're welcome to contact the CFANS Student Services Office for help.

To change your major

  1. Make an appointment with a faculty adviser in the major that interests you. Get information about the major's requirements, and ask any questions. Be sure you can be admitted to this major. (Some majors do have additional GPA, course, or portfolio entrance requirements that you must satisfy before you're eligible for admission.) 

  2. Go to the CFANS Student Services Office in 190 Coffey hall to pick up a "Change of Major" form, or print out the Major form online.

  3. Make an appointment with the Major Coordinator of the new major. Have him/her sign the form and assign you a new academic adviser.

  4. Return the signed form to CFANS Student Services, so the change can be made on your official University of Minnesota record. Within two weeks, CFANS Student Services will contact you and ask you to pick up a new APAS report, which will list your remaining requirements for your new major.

Changing to a Major in a Different U of M College (not CFANS)

Students who want to change to a major in a different U of M college (in the Twin Cities or at a coordinate campus) should consult with the department that offers the prospective major. Learn more about it, determine its pre-requirements, and ask how to apply.

You must be admitted to the college that offers the new major. If you are admitted, you will need to submit a "Change of College" form, available through the U of M Office of the Registrar or online through One Stop, under the Students heading.