Sustainable Systems Management

Are you interested in gaining the knowledge and skills to integrate the goals of economic growth and development in global markets with protecting public health and the environment? Sustainable Systems Management gears

Sustainable Systems Management is a comprehensive systems approach to advancing solutions for processes and products, commercial and industrial businesses, buildings, and energy systems that promote sustainability.

What can I specialize in with this major?

You can specialize in one of the following four areas depending on your interests in business and the environment or technology.

What jobs can I get with this major?

Graduates of Sustainable Systems Management face excellent employment prospects with diverse job opportunities. Depending on the specific track, potential jobs include energy analyst/ auditor/ consultant, building code official or diagnostician, program designer, systems manager, account executive, technical sales consultant, and more.

See a list of sample job titles and career-related information from the Career and Internship Services office. All CFANS students can get assistance from professional career counselors at this office.

Why choose CFANS for this major?

This major is housed in the esteemed Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering (BBE), which prioritizes the sustainable use of renewable resources and the environment.

The department is jointly affiliated with CFANS and the U of M's College of Science & Engineering, which means students in this major have access to a wide range of classes and faculty expertise. The department hosts award-winning faculty in engineering, science, technology and management.

The department is also committed to sharing its research and knowledge with communities and industries, regionally and beyond. Graduates of this major can take advantage of the department’s many connections with employers and with the bioproducts industry.

What classes are required? What's the curriculum like?

Key features of this inherently interdisciplinary major include its skills-based and content-based integrated core courses, with an emphasis on developing strong analytical and quantitative skills. Students in the Sustainable Systems Management major will be prepared to design, assess, implement and manage systems to advance the goals of sustainability through a foundation of courses including math and science, business and economics, history and policy.

Find this major's program requirements in the University Catalog. (The Sub-Plans section covers each track.) For more details about academic planning and class lists, see the Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering website.

After you're admitted to CFANS, you'll work with an academic adviser to enroll in classes that fulfill this major's requirements. Your CFANS advisers help guide you toward academic success.