Sustainability Studies Minor


The Sustainability Studies minor is open to students from across the U of M. Students will explore the fundamental ecological, social, ethical, political, and economic forces that influence the long-term quality and viability of human society and the natural environment. The introductory core course provides an overview of various models for understanding sustainability, and uses case studies to demonstrate the challenges of putting sustainability into practice.

Additional electives are chosen from courses that explore multiple disciplinary perspectives related to sustainability. Finally, the capstone experience allows students to synthesize and apply their knowledge to real sustainability problems. For this minor, students must complete 6 credits of required courses for the core and the capstone, and 9-12 restricted electives, for a total of 15-18 credits.

All minor requirements must be taken A-F (unless only offered S/N), and students must earn a grade of at least C- in each course in the minor.

If you're interested in this minor, please contact the Minor Advisor, Lauren McCarthy, at or 612-625-6443. You can also find her advising schedule here. (You must be logged in to Gmail or Google to view it.)

Academic Resources

Minor Advisor/Coordinator

Lauren McCarthy
Minor Advisor
130 Coffey Hall

Beth Mercer-Taylor
Minor Coordinator
Suite 325, Learning and Environmental Sciences Building