Sustainability Studies Minor


The Sustainability Studies minor is open to students from across the U of M. Students will explore the fundamental ecological, social, ethical, political, and economic forces that influence the long-term quality and viability of human society and the natural environment. The introductory core course provides an overview of various models for understanding sustainability, and uses case studies to demonstrate the challenges of putting sustainability into practice.

The Sustainability Studies Minor is an interdisciplinary program drawing students from all colleges and departments who want to learn about sustainability, with no pre-requisites. Students must earn at least 15 credits through five or more courses. A current listing of required core courses and all electives is available at the University Catalog Sustainability Studies Minor web page. The program is flexible, allowing students to petition for courses that are not listed to count towards the Minor, allowing study abroad to count up to 6 credits and allowing courses that count towards the major or another minor to count towards the Sustainability Studies Minor.

The requirements for the Sustainability Studies Minor are easy to follow:

  • Two core courses, SUST 3003 and SUST 4004, are required for the Sustainability Studies Minor and provide an immersion in the history, practice and future of sustainability.
  • Three or more elective courses, drawn from at least 3 of 4 categories, are required for the Sustainability Studies Minor. The elective categories are:
      • Economics and Policy
      • Social Sciences and Humanities
      • Biophysical Sciences
      • Design and Technology
  • An optional internship course, SUST 4096, matches students to sustainability-related opportunities and may count as an elective in the Sustainability Studies Minor.
  • An optional course on environmental justice, SUST 3017, offers community-engaged learning and may count as an elective in the Sustainability Studies Minor.

You do not need an advising appointment to enroll in the Sustainability Studies Minor. You can decide to drop the Minor at any time with no problem. Your enrollment in the Minor will not change anything about your current college, major or other minors. To enroll in the Sustainability Studies Minor, simply fill in the appropriate "Add a CFANS Minor" form below.

All minor requirements must be taken A-F (unless only offered S/N), and students must earn a grade of at least C- in each course in the minor.

Academic Resources

Minor Coordinator

Beth Mercer-Taylor
Minor Coordinator
Suite 325, Learning and Environmental Sciences Building
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