Native American Environmental Knowledge Minor

Native American Environmental Knowlege

This minor allows students to study Native American perspectives on the environment and on natural resource systems. The minor includes coursework, practical experience, and community service.

Required courses focus on Native American approaches to science as it impacts natural resources and the environment. Course selections may emphasize land, public policy and law, environment, natural resource management, science, and society as they relate to Native American perspectives. Through “Ways of Knowing and Science,” “Native American Perspectives on the Environment” and other coursework, students synthesize their learning about the impact and practice of science in the unique context of a Native American cultural perspective and community needs.

In addition to required coursework, each student works with a minor adviser to design an individualized practical experience (e.g., internship or experiential learning activity) with a Native American community partner.

For this minor, students must complete a total of at least 17 credits.

All minor requirements must be taken A-F (unless only offered S/N), and students must earn a grade of at least C- in each course in the minor.

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Craig Hassel