Marine Biology Minor

Marino Bio

CFANS and all U of M students can now do a Marine Biology minor! This is an interdisciplinary program that includes classes within the College of Biological Sciences (CBS), the College of Science & Engineering (CSE), and the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS).

In this minor, students learn about the foundational concepts of marine biology, and the current issues that affect marine environments. With 71% of our planet covered by oceans, it's important to understand marine ecosystems, organisms, chemistry, and the physics of the oceans. Students in this minor will develop knowledge and skills through which they can explore complex problems such as habitat conservation, sustainability, climate change, and biodiversity in the oceans and on land. This minor also provides students with a base for future studies in marine biology.

This minor will include required and elective classes. In addition to coursework, students in the Marine Biology minor have multiple hands-on learning opportunities such as field trips, internships, laboratory work, or a study abroad experience.

The Marine Biology minor was officially approved by the University of Minnesota Regents on May 9, 2013.

Academic Resources

  • University Catalog (description and requirements for this minor)
  • Declare this minor (This is a CBS form for non-CBS students. Be sure to select Marine Biology from the drop-down list of minors, and CFANS as your college of enrollment.)

Minor Coordinator

Melissa Palmer

This minor is administered by the College of Biological Sciences (CBS) and includes classes in CBS, the College of Science & Engineering, and CFANS. Contact Melissa Palmer, Minor Coordinator, or a CBS advisor if you have questions about this minor.